PPE Equipment

PPE Equipment

Products we supply

Respiraroty Nebulizers, Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Concentrator Parts, Suction Machine , Oxygen Conservers & Regulator, Sleep Therapy

Diagnostics Blood Pressure Monitors, Vital Sign, Thermometer, Pulse Oximetry, Bladder Scanner

Cardicac Care Replacement Pads, FRX Smart Pads II

Face Mask :- We manufacture and supply all king of face mask which include cloth face mask, surgical mask and N95 respirator.

Face Shield - Face shield is a integral part of PPE kit, we supply various type of face shield like wide face shield, headband face shield, face shield with built in Goggles.

Gloves - We manufacture best quality of protective gloves which includes various design and size.

PPE Gown - We manufacture all kind of disposable gowns. All size gowns is available.

Hardcover / Head Cap - Hardcover is must for complete protection against infection we provide best quality disposable head cap.

Shoe Cover- Shoe cover can be use to stop spreading the infection which can be carried by the dirty shoes. We supply international standard disposable shoe cover.

Face-Mask Face-Mask

Face Mask

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f-shield f-shield

Face Shield

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gloves gloves


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PPE Gown PPE Gown

PPE Gown

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cap cap

Hardcover / Head Cap

item code : PE006
shoe-cover shoe-cover

Shoe Cover

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