Bed Linen

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Choose from a exhaustive range of exquisitely designed luxury bed linen and cotton bed linen that are available in various styles colors, designs and finishes. The durability of color and fabric is simply matchless. Our bed linen sets range comprises of bed skirt, duvet cover, luxury blanket, cushion cover, cotton pillow cover, bed spreads, luxury comforter, cover quilt.

Base Fabrics :- Denim, Velvet, Different cotton

Work :- Different wash, print, patch work, quilting, embroidery

We offer high quality Rugs/ Durries that are perfect for both the homes as well as offices. These rugs are available in various colors, sizes and patterns. These rugs easily absorb water and dust, and keep the place dry. These rugs are also light in weight and can be developed as per clients requirements

Our exciting range of Organic Cotton - Kids Bedding comes in a variety of colors and designs that are perfect for the kids. Made of organic cotton with natural dyes, these beddings are of the highest quality, very soft and comfortable.

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Cotton Bed Linen

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Luxury Bed Linen

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Bed Linen Sets

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